Rabbit Supplies

A quick look at your rabbit’s living space reveals that you have bought everything your rabbit needs – bowls, litter, water bottles, etc. But wait; are there items that your rabbit may occasionally use for recreation, to make them comfortable while traveling or litter training? If so then Amazon has a wide range of rabbit supplies on their website. Below are a few items you might like.

1) Timothy Hay Baked Small Animal Treats by Kaytee

Timothy Hay Baked Small Animal Treats by Kaytee

Your rabbit’s favorite food, Timothy Hay, is packed into a tiny biscuit that will give hours of chewy pleasure.

The main ingredient of this biscuit, Timothy Hay, aids in digestion. The treat also contains protein, fat, and moisture. Your rabbit knows that he needs to keep chewing to wear down his ever-growing teeth and will be happy to use this biscuit for this purpose.

Healthy treats for rabbits, supplement the nutrients that already exist in their regular diet. Vets recommend that treats should make up at least 20% of your rabbit’s diet.

Next time you’re on a long trip and you notice bunny getting restless, hand him a biscuit to keep him busy.

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2) Small Animal Grooming Kit by Ware Manufacturing

Small Animal Grooming Kit by Ware Manufacturing

Did you imagine that rabbit supplies would include a grooming kit? Does your bunny need grooming? If you do not think so then the contents of this package will convince you otherwise.

This kit contains a bristle brush for massaging your rabbit’s fur. As you brush bunny’s hair consistently, you will notice that its texture improves. To sort the annoying problem of shedding and dead hair, use the pin brush. As you brush your bunny, however, watch out for the tender skin that may be damaged by the different brushes.

The kit also has nail clippers. You need to clip your rabbit’s nails often so that he doesn’t scratch the furniture. Cut the tips of the nails, however, not the whole nail. Lastly, there is a tasty treat. Now we all know what this is for – distraction! How else will you get your bunny to sit still as you groom him?

Grooming your rabbit is a fun activity for the whole family, giving you an opportunity to interact.

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3) Rabbit Soft Harness with Lead by Niteangel

Rabbit Soft Harness with Lead by Niteangel

Wouldn’t it be nice to take your rabbit out into the backyard? Well, it sure is, unfortunately, as soon as you let him out, he may get the temptation to disappear! A rabbit harness will prevent this from happening.

This rabbit harness from Niteangel is perfect for small rabbits. The comfortable padding and secure Velcro strips make your rabbit feel safe. It comes with a lengthy leash that is a whole 120 centimeters. This gives you control over your bunny while also affording it a modicum of freedom to move about. The harness is fully adjustable.

Rabbits don’t usually need long walks. A short stroll around the house is sufficient. With this harness, you can enjoy each other’s company as the bunny takes a stroll.

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4) Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan by Ware Manufacturing

Plastic Scatterless Lock-N-Litter Small Pet Pan by Ware Manufacturing

Litter pans help in the litter training process by confining the mess to a container that is easy to clean. This particular litter pan is stain and odor resistant. The wire floor of this container prevents your rabbit’s feet from getting wet when he relieves himself. All the waste goes right into the pan.

This litter pan locks securely to the sides of your rabbit’s cage. It has a low front entry for smaller pets, and a high back wall to prevent messes,

Now that you know; your rabbit supplies list should always include this item.

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5) Rabbit Vita Drops by Kordon

Rabbit Vita Drops by Kordon

Has your rabbit been under the weather lately? He may need a boost to regain his energy.

Vita Drops act as supplements to your rabbit’s regular diet. Each drop has loads of nutrients in it that will restore your rabbit to perfect health. The product comes in a dispenser similar to that of eye drops. Put a drop or two in your rabbit’s water bottle daily, depending on what your vet advises. The package comes with detailed instructions for use.

These drops are also beneficial if you seek to raise healthy rabbits. After all, an extra nutrient or two won’t hurt.

The list of rabbit supplies available is endless. You will find it hard to say no to the temptation to spend lots of money on things you may hardly use. As such, draw up a budget before you make any other purchases for your rabbit. Keep your rabbit’s life simple and concentrate on items that will improve and enhance the bonding process.

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