Rabbit Bedding

Now that you have decided to get your first pet rabbit, everyone agree congratulations are in order. However, before bunny comes home, you have to figure out lots of things. Most importantly, the sleeping and nesting area of the lovely companion you are bringing over. This area must be clean and dry, and therefore needs the right bedding material. Luckily, Amazon has a number of appropriate products and just a quick search here, will sort out your problem. Below are a few of the many rabbit bedding that the online mart makes available.

    1) Complete Pet Bedding by Carefresh

    Complete Pet Bedding by Carefresh

    For just under $15, you can get this great product from Carefresh.

    Forget about wood shavings. This bedding material will absorb three times more moisture than regular shavings, keeping your rabbit warm and dry. It contains a unique Odor Stop formula that guarantees you ten stench-free days.

    Disposal of this bedding material after cleaning is easy, due to its biodegradable nature. If you have a small garden, just add this to your compost heap. The natural paper bedding will decompose together with the other household waste.

    This product is perfect for your rabbit, and for your environment.

      Check it out: http://www.rabbitsuppliesforsale.com/CompletePetBeddingbyCarefresh

      2) Fresh World Ultra Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals by Vitakraft

      Fresh World Ultra Strength Crumble Bedding for Small Animals

      This rabbit bedding from Vitakraft will ensure your rabbit’s resting place remains fresh all day long.

      Your rabbit deserves a nice and clean place to hide away and Fresh World bedding gives your pet a 99.5% dust free and odor-free place to rest. The super soft pieces keep the area dry by absorbing up to three times their weight. Moreover, it comes with an Odor Blocker Formula that gives the bedding material as well as you and your rabbit, up to fourteen days of freshness.

      Your rabbit gets to enjoy a clean, dust-free living space thanks to this bedding material. Bunny will love this soft bedding made from 100% recycled paper.

        Check it out: http://www.rabbitsuppliesforsale.com/FreshWorldUltraStrengthCrumbleBeddingforSmallAnimals

        3) Clean and Cozy Animal Bedding by Kaytee

        Clean and Cozy Animal Bedding by Kaytee

        The natural lavender scent of this product will make your whole house smell heavenly.

        This bedding is ideal for your rabbit because it is almost dust-free, highly absorbent and odor-free. The pieces absorb up to 6% of their average weight in liquid. It is however wise to clean out the cage once a week even if the bedding is not completely soaked.

        Kaytee’s animal bedding is suitable for use in most homes. The manufacturer uses paper that is safe for your pet, to make this product. This bedding also comes in a variety of natural scents and colors that make it so irresistible comfortable. Therefore, purchase while knowing you run the risk of never seeing your rabbit venturing out.

          Check it out: http://www.rabbitsuppliesforsale.com/CleanandCozyAnimalBeddingbyKaytee

          4) Custom Rabbit Pet Bedding by Carefresh

          Custom Rabbit Pet Bedding by Carefresh

          This rabbit bedding from Carefresh is specifically for small mammals.

          The pieces are 25% larger than other products, just the way rabbits like them. They as such, will enjoy burrowing and nesting in this bedding. Its dust-free and absorbent nature helps keep your rabbit safe from respiratory infections.

          Your rabbit will enjoy its comfort, dryness, and warmth and, there will be no more nasty smells and wet feet! The rabbit’s living space can stay up to ten days without even a hint of an odor. It is, however, advisable to clean your rabbit’s cage once a week, just to be on the safe side.

          Once soiled, toss the bedding material on your compost heap. This action is important because rabbit waste is very good for your garden.

            Check it out: http://www.rabbitsuppliesforsale.com/CustomRabbitPetBeddingbyCarefresh

            5) HPCC Natural Bedding by Healthy Pet

            HPCC Natural Bedding by Healthy Pet

            Healthy Pet has the health and safety of your pet in mind.

            The soft pieces of this bedding keep your bunny warm and dry when they are asleep or while nesting. This absorbent product takes in up to three times its normal weight. Its dust-free nature is ideal for rabbits that have allergies or respiratory complications.

            Healthy Pet takes the safety of the environment seriously. This product as such, is fully biodegradable. Once you clean out your rabbit’s cage or nesting box, you can dispose of the bedding safely. Put it on your compost heap or at a corner of your garden to decompose.

            This bedding material will give your rabbit hours of fun as he burrows in and out. Moreover, you will have extended peace of mind knowing that you are using a product that is safe for the environment.

            Do not be confused by the available options. Choose what works for you and your rabbit. It is, however, important to remember that the rabbit bedding you choose must be easy to dispose of. You do not want to end up with one smelly problem while trying to eliminate another smelly problem.

            Check it out: http://www.rabbitsuppliesforsale.com/HPCCNaturalBeddingbyHealthyPet