Rabbit Bowls

You have just brought home your new rabbit, and realized that you have forgotten to buy a feeding bowl! What a disaster! Hang on – does your rabbit need a bowl to start with? Yes, he does because bowls help to keep the food clean, dry and uncontaminated. They also make cleaning up after your rabbit much easier. And, again you are in luck because Amazon has several rabbit bowls available. Here is a detailed look at a few of these.

    1) Cane Lettered Rabbit Bowl by Mason Cash

    Cane Lettered Rabbit Bowl by Mason Cash

    Visitors to your home will easily mistake this elegant rabbit bowl for an ornament until they see the word “Rabbit” embossed on it. This stoneware bowl has a beautiful gloss finish that will brighten up your home.

    Aside from its obvious beauty, this bowl is quite functional. It is too heavy for your rabbit to tip over, thus reducing spillage. This bowl does not chip, thanks to its smooth design. In addition, the rounded edges make it easy for your rabbit to access the goodies inside. This rabbit bowl is completely dishwasher safe.

    Are you looking for a classy rabbit bowl? Look no further!

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      2) Ceramic Rabbit Bowl with a bunny carrot design by Trixie

      Ceramic Rabbit Bowl with a bunny carrot design by Trixie

      Your bunny will love the cute carrot design of these rabbit dishes that come in red, green and black. The bowl has a capacity of 200ml and holds just the right amount of food or water for your bunny. You can decide to use it for water, food or treats. Feeding from this bowl is easy even for smaller rabbits.

      Place this lightweight rabbit bowl either inside or outside the rabbit cage. It is light enough for your children to carry around the house.

      Are you looking for a rabbit bowl that is ideal for smaller rabbits? Well, here is one!

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        3) Stoneware Pet Bowl by Kaytee

        Stoneware Pet Bowl by Kaytee

        Using stoneware to make rabbit bowls is on the increase as they are more durable than other types. Kaytee seems keen to continue on this path and, their stoneware pet bowl is ideal for use as a rabbit bowl, thanks to its design. The sides of the container are low enough for your rabbit to access its food, and sufficiently high to prevent spillages. The heavy base of the bowl holds it firmly on the ground, even when your rabbit climbs inside.

        The design of the bowl makes it very easy to clean, as there are no grooves where dirt can hide. Moreover, you can either clean this rabbit bowl by hand or use the dishwasher.

        The glaze finish used on this bowl is lead-free meaning there are no health risks posed to your bunny. Your rabbit will, however, be disappointed to know that he cannot chew on this bowl in his spare time!

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          4) Ergonomic Dish by Living World

          Ergonomic Dish by Living World

          This bowl, designed by Living World, makes feeding easier by having one side lower than the other, unlike other rabbit bowls. Smaller rabbits feed comfortably from the lower side of the bowl without straining their necks while larger rabbits have the choice of feeding from either side.

          This ceramic bowl has no hard-to-reach areas where dirt and bacteria can hide. You can use this bowl for food and water. Note that the material utilized for the inside of the dish is non-porous, minimizing the chances of leakage and messes.

          Please get this rabbit bowl for your bunnies if you notice that they are over-stretching their necks when feeding from other dishes.

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            5) Paw-Print PetWare Bowl by Kaytee

            Paw-Print PetWare Bowl by Kaytee

            How will your bunny know the difference between his bowl and the cat’s bowl? Simple. He will see his picture on his PetWare bowl from Kaytee.

            The bunny and paw print designs are attractive and add life to your rabbit feeding area. Each bowl has a diameter of 4.25 inches, an ideal size for most bunnies. This bowl keeps your rabbit’s food clean and fresh all day long.

            Although rabbits love nibbling at almost everything, they will not enjoy chewing away at this bowl. Ceramic material is difficult to penetrate and tasteless as well.

            If you are particular about colors, you will be happy to know that the PetWare rabbit bowls come in several colors. Choose a color that suits you and your rabbit.

            Feeding time for your rabbit need not be a pain, as there are many designs of rabbit bowls on the market. Choose the one that suits both of you, then sit back and bond over a meal!

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