Rabbit Cage Wire

For years, your rabbits have enjoyed their warm and comfortable cage. Of late, however, they keep sneaking out when you are not watching. A closer look at the cage reveals that there is a gaping hole in the cage. The wire is in dire need replacement. When things go south this bad, where do you find high-quality rabbit cage wire? Well, Amazon has a broad range of solutions for you.

  1. Galvanized Wire Fence by Garden Zone

Galvanized Wire Fence by Garden Zone

This high-quality wire is just what you need to keep your bunnies in their cage. Its mesh has a rectangular shape, with each opening measuring 1 inch by 2 inches. Rabbits will find it hard to crawl through these tiny spaces. In addition, the galvanized wire mesh is a toughie that rabbits cannot chew.

This zinc coated mesh is reasonably priced and easy to use, even for a novice. You will use a whole roll several times before it gets finished. The 14-gauge thickness supports the weight of a medium-sized rabbit.


This silver wire mesh does not rust and is very durable.

    2) Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Fence by UenJoy

    Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Fence by UenJoy

    Once you install this rabbit cage wire, you will not have to keep checking if your bunnies have escaped. The cross wires in this mesh give added strength to your cage, even supporting the weight of bigger rabbits. Moreover, it will not rust since it is galvanized. This wire mesh is easier to cut and bend than it looks. With the correct wire-cutting tools, you can cut the exact size that you need.

    If you are looking for a wire mesh that will give you many years of service, this is it. Note that this wire is resistant to harsh weather conditions and it is very functional, meaning it will keep your bunnies confined to their cage!

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      3) Mesh PVC Coated Green Poultry Netting by GB

      Mesh PVC Coated Green Poultry Netting by GB

      This poultry netting is ideal for closing up the spaces in your rabbit cage.

      The mesh has a hexagonal shape with a vinyl coating. This coating gives this mesh more durability and resistance to weather. Each opening is one inch wide. The beautiful green color blends well with the surrounding greenery, making your rabbits feel more at home.

      You can re-wire your entire cage using this netting. It is easy to cut, bend and install. Each roll comes at a reasonable price of just under $17. It will take a while before you run though a single roll.

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        4) Square Galvanized Wire Netting by vidaXL

        Square Galvanized Wire Netting by vidaXL

        VidaXL designed this wire mesh for use in the construction of animal cages.

        If you are looking for rabbit cage wire, this galvanized netting is a good choice. It is very durable and comfortably supports the weight of your rabbit. This wire mesh comes in handy for fixing small holes in the rabbit cage or replacing all the cage wire.

        You are unlikely to find rust on your cage once you install this waterproof wire mesh. Its netting also holds up well under extreme weather conditions. Cutting this mesh is easy, as long as you have the correct tools. Measure and cut out the size you need, and fix the hole in your rabbit cage.

        Get yourself a roll of this wire netting, and give your rabbit’s cage a new look!

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          5) Galvanized Mesh Garden Cloth by GB

          Galvanized Mesh Garden Cloth by GB

          This product from GB is the perfect rabbit cage wire if you want to keep your rabbits in, and predators out!

          The half-inch openings in this garden cloth are small, limiting your rabbit’s chances of escaping. The metal mesh will also discourage your bunny from chewing his way out of the cage. Uniform welding and removal of sharp metal edges ensures the safety of your pet.

          This garden cloth is both galvanized and zinc-coated. The result of these two processes is a cage wire that is durable, waterproof and weatherproof.

          Purchase this wire mesh from GB, and spare yourself the trouble of replacing cage wire every year!

          Finding rabbit cage wire is stress-free with Amazon. The right wire mesh for your needs is available with just a click of a few buttons. Just make sure that the wire netting you choose is rust-free and weatherproof. There is nothing as annoying as seeing your beautiful cage covered in rust! You also need to get cage wire that is safe for your rabbit. After all, he deserves to have a secure living space just like you.

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