Rabbit Feeders

Have you ever seen how excited your rabbit gets at the sight of food? Well, that is so because good nutrition is essential for any pet, and any living thing for that matter. Getting the right rabbit feeder is, therefore, crucial because it goes a long way in ensuring that you pet eats in a clean environment. This factor is especially important if you want the said pets to enjoy their food. You need a feeder that is easy to install and with a large enough capacity to last one day without a refill. Where do you find great rabbit feeders? Amazon, of course!

1) Miller Galvanized Rabbit Feeders by Little Giant Outdoor Living

Miller Galvanized Rabbit Feeders by Little Giant Outdoor Living

This feeder comes with a convenient cardholder for storing your feeding records.

The galvanized material of the feeder makes it completely rust-resistant. It is also chew-proof since no rabbit enjoys chewing away at metal. Refilling this feeder can be done from either inside or outside the rabbit cage.

This 1.2-pound feeder attaches to the rabbit hutch using independent wire hooks. These hooks hold it firmly to the side of the cage, reducing chances of food spillage.

If you have rabbits that love chewing on the cute stuff you buy for them, get them this feeder. It sure will survive their chewy onslaught.

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    2) Gravity Bin Feeder with Bracket by Super Pet

    Gravity Bin Feeder with Bracket by Super Pet

    If you have rabbits with huge appetites then this is the perfect feeder to buy. It holds 2 pounds of food.

    Unlike other rabbit feeders, this one attaches to rabbit cages using a bracket system. Just attach the brackets to your rabbit’s cage, and snap them shut. On the floor of the feeder is a sifter, which takes out the unhealthy pellet dust thus minimizing food wastage.

    Food slides downwards out of the Gravity Bin onto the floor. The food that remains in the airtight bin stays fresh. This feeder guarantees your rabbits a five-day food supply. You can comfortably take a trip for a couple of days, and they will still be fine!

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      3) Sifter Pet Feeder with Lid by Ware Manufacturing

      Sifter Pet Feeder with Lid by Ware Manufacturing

      This unique feeder from China can be used either inside or outside the rabbit cage.

      The product, made of powder-coated metal is very durable and does not rust. Rabbits will be forced to concentrate on their food, as they cannot chew on the metal!

      The actual feeding section has a sifter that eliminates food that is unsuitable for consumption. The upper part of the feeder can hold up to five days’ worth of food. It comes with side hooks that you can use to secure it to the rabbit hutch.

      If you travel frequently and you are worried about how your rabbits will cope, get them this feeder. They will not even notice that you are away!

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        4) Hay-N-Food Bin Feeder with Quick Locks by Super Pet

        Hay-N-Food Bin Feeder with Quick Locks by Super Pet

        This handy rabbit feeder can store and dispense both hay and food. It is perfect for rabbit owners who cannot stand mess!

        It hangs in place using a quick lock system. The two locks found at the top of the feeder secure in firmly to your rabbit cage. This 1-pound feeder stores a good amount of hay and food for your hungry bunnies.

        The four-color variants of this feeder give you the option of choosing one that blends in with the color of your cage. This feeder is easy to clean, thanks to its plastic and wood composite material. Your rabbit’s food and hay stay clean and fresh while in the bin. This kind of feeder as such, will ensure that your rabbit is eating healthy.

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          5) 48-Ounce Rabbit Feeder Water Fountain by Lixit Animal Care

          48-Ounce Rabbit Feeder Water Fountain by Lixit Animal Care

          This cute feeder from Lixit Animal Care is the perfect addition to your collection of rabbit necessities.

          Each feeder can comfortably hold five cups of feed or 48 ounces of water. The base is reversible, meaning you can change the side used for feeding after every wash. That way, both sides of the base will wear out at the same rate.

          Cleaning this 5.6-ounce feeder is a breeze; just separate the top part and the base, wash thoroughly and dry. Once it dries completely, refill it. You can opt to buy two feeders so that you put your rabbit’s water next to the food.

          Get some shots of your rabbit feeding from this cute little feeder.

          There are several attractive and functional rabbit feeders on the market. Make sure you select one that is easy to clean and rustproof. Check the quality of the hanging hooks to make sure they are strong. Lastly, choose one that you like. If you like it, your bunny will like it!

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