Rabbit Hay

Rabbits get very excited when presented with fresh green hay to nibble on. It seems that they understand that hay is necessary for their digestive systems. If this statement made you wonder where can you get good rabbit hay for your pets then rest easy. Amazon has the answer for you. Here, take a look.

1) Timothy Hay from Carefresh

Timothy Hay from Carefresh

Your rabbit will enjoy nibbling on this fresh, green hay from Carefresh.

Did you know that Timothy Hay grass has calcium and phosphorus, minerals that your rabbit needs? This hay also has low-fat content, so you don’t need to worry about overweight bunnies. In addition, regular consumption of this grass will prevent digestive problems.

Carefresh packs their hay in UV special packaging to retain the freshness, color, and nutritional value. Therefore, you will receive your hay smelling as though it just left the farm.

Have you noticed that your rabbit gets bored at times? Get this hay and he will be only too happy to sharpen his teeth on it.

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    2) Premium Western Forage Timothy Grass from Standlee Hay Company

    Premium Western Forage Timothy Grass from Standlee Hay Company

    This product from Standlee Hay Company features second cutting hay, which has just the right mixture of soft and thick pieces. Your rabbit needs the thick pieces to wear down his teeth, and the soft pieces for proper digestion. This rabbit hay, used alongside other fortified rabbit foods, gives your pet the right nutritional balance.

    Standlee sorts their hay by hand before packaging, which helps ensure that it is completely dry and meets the standards of their clients. They do not add any artificial ingredients to the hay.

    Most domestic rabbits retain the foraging instinct. Throw down a pile of this hay and see what happens. Your rabbit will eagerly dive in and start looking for whatever may be inside.

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      3) Western Timothy Hay by Oxbow

      Western Timothy Hay by Oxbow

      This rabbit hay from Oxbow comes highly recommended by vets who specialize in small animal nutrition.

      Western Timothy Hay has high fiber content. It is also low in calcium and protein, making it suitable for weight maintenance. Regular consumption of this hay, together with fortified rabbit pellets, will ensure your rabbit stays healthy.

      This hay has no additives and is completely natural. Each strand is hand-selected after harvest to make sure it meets the company’s standards. The packaging used ensures that the product you receive retains its original fragrance and has all the requisite nutrients.

      Try out this hay and get to know for yourself why vets speak so highly of it.

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        4) Second Cutting Timothy Hay Pet Food by Small Pet Select

        Second Cutting Timothy Hay Pet Food by Small Pet Select

        Small Pet Select’s Second Cutting Timothy Hay is just what your rabbit needs for his tummy. Rabbits need a constant supply of clean, fresh and nutritious hay. Small Pet Select guarantees its customers this kind of hay.

        The process of packing and shipping the hay is very stringent. The grass is packed in small batches to ensure freshness. The hay itself goes through minimal handling, to avoid contamination. The batches go through another check before being shipped. Delivery is done in strong corrugated boxes that retain the freshness of the product. When you receive your package, you will find the hay as fresh as it was when it left the farm.

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          5) All Natural Timothy Wafer-Cut Hay for Rabbits by Kaytee

          All Natural Timothy Wafer-Cut Hay for Rabbits by Kaytee

          Wafers for rabbits? Interesting!

          This hay is cut up, first into shorter strands, then into wafer shapes. Rabbits will enjoy the challenge of separating the two halves of the wafer. This process wears down the teeth and keeps your rabbit busy when bored.

          The wafer-cut hay is very healthy for your rabbit. The pieces come from recently harvested second cutting Timothy hay. The high fiber content in this wafer is crucial for the proper functioning of bunny’s tummy.

          Next time your bunny looks bored and hungry, give him some of this hay. It will keep him busy for a long time.

          Rabbit hay is readily available on Amazon. Once you get it, however, it is important that you store it properly. Hay is very sensitive and gets bad a lot faster. Store your hay in its original container, in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight. In case you decide to transfer your hay to another container, make sure the new container is well- ventilated.

          Now that you are well informed, select the most appropriate rabbit hay for your bunny; he deserves the best.

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