Rabbit Litter

Once your rabbit has settled in and is now a part of the family, it is time to set up some house rules. And, the one unspoken rule that every pet owner wishes his or her pet adopted sooner, is that the pet should always use the litter pan to relieve himself. Training rabbits to use the litter pan requires the right equipment and loads of patience. You will need a litter pan and good quality rabbit litter. Good quality litter must be absorbent and safe to ingest (just in case your bunny eats some by mistake).

Amazon is the best place to get high-quality rabbit litter. Therefore, browsing through the descriptions below is something you may do if you can see what is on offer.

1) Super Pet Critter Litter by Kaytee

Super Pet Critter Litter by Kaytee

When shopping for rabbit litter, you need to make sure that the material that makes up the litter is safe. Kaytee’s critter litter is made of Bentonite, a non-toxic natural mineral. This product comes in pearl-shaped pellets, which minimize the production of dust. The absorbency of these pellets is not an issue as each can absorb up to ten times its normal weight in moisture.

This litter absorbs liquids immediately so you should expect no more odors and dampness around! Use this litter, and you will not need to clean your rabbit’s cage as frequently.

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2) Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter by So Phresh

Paper Pellet Small Animal Litter by So Phresh

Most pet litter material breaks up when it gets wet, tempting the rabbits to take a bite. So Phresh has used a different kind of material for their litter. The litter comes as natural paper pellets that absorb and lock in moisture. The paper that makes up each pellet is 100% recycled paper. You do not need to worry that you are playing a part in harming the environment, as this product is fully biodegradable.

This litter is ideal for use in rabbit litter pans and rabbit cages. Once the litter is completely damp, remove it and dispose of it. This litter will make your rabbit’s potty training experience much easier.

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3) Paper Small Animal Litter by Fresh News

Paper Small Animal Litter by Fresh News

This rabbit litter from Fresh News will keep your pet’s habitat nice and fresh.

The material used, 100% biodegradable paper, is more absorbent and environmentally friendly than wood and clay. The paper pellets lock in moisture and eliminate dampness. These pellets also contain baking soda, which aids in odor control. This litter will provide your rabbit with a clean, dust-free environment where he can do his business.

Did you know that paper pellets are far more efficient in litter pans than wood or clay? Once you use this product, you will be in total agreement!

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4) Ecostraw Bedding for Pets by Oxbow

Ecostraw Bedding for Pets by Oxbow

If you are searching for a product that you can use both as litter and bedding, this is it.

The secret behind the absorbency of each pellet is the material used, which is wheat straw. Wheat straw is more absorbent than paper and holds up to 300% of its weight in moisture. It is also safe for your pet to consume, just in case he decides to take a bite.

Once the litter is damp, remove it and toss it on your compost heap. In a few weeks, your waste litter will have turned into nice, rich manure that you can use in your garden.

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5) Aspen Supreme Pellets All Natural Litter/Bedding by Kaytee

Aspen Supreme Pellets All Natural Litter/Bedding by Kaytee

This litter is 100% organic. Each pellet has a blend of aspen wood particles. Aspen is a non-toxic material that is more absorbent than paper. The ammonia from your rabbit’s waste is absorbed quickly, eliminating the chances of having lingering odors in your pets’ living area. This product does not contain any cedar or pine, products that are known to cause respiratory problems in bunnies.

If you are too occupied and forget to change your rabbit’s litter, you do not need to worry because you will never find any mold in your rabbit’s litter pan.

Aspen Supreme Pellets are an excellent solution for rabbit lovers who are environmentally conscious. You will get a product that is suitable for your pet, and good for the environment.

As you plan to train your rabbit to use his litter pan, remember that most rabbits prefer to use the same spot to relieve themselves all the time. Once you identify this place and get the right rabbit litter and litter pan, training your rabbit will be a walk in the park.

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