Rabbit Nest Boxes

Do you have a female rabbit? Have you noticed that she wants to hide in a corner and be alone? These habits may indicate that she is nesting and needs a safe place where she can prepare for motherhood. If she lived in the wild, she would make her own nest. Now that she lives in your home, it is up to you to get her a rabbit nest box. Good news is, there are many of these on Amazon. Look at these descriptions here below and see what you can get you can get for your pet rabbit.

1) Grass Nest House for Rabbit by Insun

Grass Nest House for Rabbit by Insun

This natural product from Insun will keep your nesting bunny very busy. The nest house, made from black grass, is 100% natural. Each nest is hand-woven, and as such, no two nests will be the same. There is a door that your rabbit will use to get into the house and a window for her to keep an eye on what is going on outside.

The square design of this nest house will make your rabbit feel hidden away from the rest of the world. Her nesting and breeding instincts will kick in once she sees this little house. When she is not in the mood to nest, she can play or sleep in it.

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2) Giant Rabbit Igloo Hideout by Super Pet

Giant Rabbit Igloo Hideout by Super Pet

As soon as you set up this giant igloo for your bunny, she will rush in and make herself at home.

This probably is the reason why it is one of Amazon’s popular rabbit nest boxes. Its plastic body is durable, easy to clean and odor-resistant. Place it in a quiet nook of your house, and your rabbit will find herself drawn to it. Moreover, if you put some rabbit bedding on the floor under the igloo, it will make your rabbit more comfortable.

This rabbit hideout has sufficient ventilation for your bunny. It comes in four translucent colors. You can see right into the rabbit’s lair and watch the nesting process. And, you are be able to keep a close eye on her litter once she gives birth.

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3) Rabbit Den by Ware Manufacturing

Rabbit Den by Ware Manufacturing

This reversible rabbit den makes a good nesting box for your rabbit. If your rabbit is the shy type and wants to nest in the dark, stand it up so that the base becomes a roof. However, if your rabbit is the kind who likes to nest as she keeps an eye on her surroundings, place the den with the base on the floor. A little bit of rabbit bedding will help to make this nest box cozier.

This rabbit nest box comes pre-stained and pre-assembled. The stain used is safe for animals, so do not worry if your rabbit chews on it. This 4.2-pound den is also portable, just in case you need to change your rabbit’s nesting location frequently.

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4) Nature’s Hideaway Couch Grass Toy by Prevue Hendryx

Nature’s Hideaway Couch Grass Toy by Prevue Hendryx

Prevue Hendryx designed this multi-purpose product to keep your rabbit busy. It serves as a play center, sleeping area, and nesting box.

If you have a doe, this hideaway toy will attract her to nest in it. She will enjoy burrowing away inside as she practices how to nest. You may have to put some rabbit bedding inside so that she can enjoy making a real nest.

This nest box is a 100% natural product, hand-woven from natural couch grass. You can place it on the floor, couch or porch. Therefore, if you are looking for ways to keep your rabbit busy then buy this product.

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5) Wood Nesting Box for Small Pets by Ware Manufacturing

Wood Nesting Box for Small Pets by Ware Manufacturing

This product is another of Amazon’s popular rabbit nest boxes. The design of this rabbit nest box makes your rabbit feel safe as she nests. The covered back part provides the perfect hideaway while the large opening at the front makes it easy to clean.

This natural wood product comes pre-assembled and ready to use. The unstained wood is safe for your rabbit to chew on. It is made of very strong material so you will use it for many years.

Put in some soft rabbit bedding, and before you know it, your rabbit will have jumped in and hidden.

Rabbit nest boxes should be comfortable and well aerated. As soon as your rabbit shows signs of nesting, get a nesting box. This nesting practice will come in handy when the bunny is finally ready for her first litter.

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