Rabbit Playpens

Your bunnies get tired of being in their cages all day. They need to get out from time to time! Is it possible to let them out of their cage and so they can play in your living room safely? Yes, it is, if you put them in a playpen. Rabbit playpens will give your bunnies a larger play area and a place to interact and, they will not wander around the house chewing on your furniture. Below are some of the products available on Amazon if you decide it is time to purchase one.

1) Small Pet Play Pen by Midwest Homes for Pets

Small Pet Play Pen by Midwest Homes for Pets

This playpen is ideal if you have several small rabbits in your house. It has unmatched durability and strength as such, your rabbits will not be able to knock it down. The panels interlock securely, making the playpen firm and sturdy. This playpen gives your rabbits a total play area of nine square feet.

The panels are made of metal rods with tiny spaces in between. This structure thus allows the playpen to provide sufficient ventilation for your rabbits and, you will also be able to keep a close eye on them.

When playtime is over, the playpen folds flat on the ground for easy storage.

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2) Foldable Rabbit Playpen with Zipper Door and Mesh Cover by Moost

Foldable Rabbit Playpen with Zipper Door and Mesh Cover by Moost

This portable playpen is perfect for keeping your rabbits busy when you go on holiday.

Assembling and disassembling of this product takes just a few minutes. Once it is set up, put your rabbits inside to play. The sturdy base of the playpen prevents it from tipping over and, if your rabbits happen to mess the base of the playpen, you can clean the mess using a damp cloth.

The material used to make this playpen, Oxford Cloth Material, is lightweight, durable and waterproof. The playpen also features a removable Zip Top and Zip Cover. You have the option of removing the cover so that bunny can get some sun.

Cleaning of this playpen is a piece of cake. A damp cloth and some liquid soap will sort out the panels, while the cover and the base can go into the machine.

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3) Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbit by Kaytee

Pet-N-Playpen for Rabbit by Kaytee

Are you tired of cleaning up messes after your rabbit’s playtime? Well, this playpen from Kaytee is one of the few rabbit playpens that come with a protective plastic mat. When your rabbit messes the mat, clean it using a damp cloth and sanitizer.

The playpen itself gives your rabbit a sizeable play area. It has eight panels that lock together to form the play area. The wires on the panels are 1 inch wide, making it impossible for your rabbits to escape.

When the bunny is done playing, just fold down the playpen and store. The plastic mat can be cleaned and hung out to dry until the next use.

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4) Foldable Portable Rabbit Playpen with Carry Bag by Jespet

Foldable Portable Rabbit Playpen with Carry Bag by Jespet

Foldable rabbit playpens that come with carry bags make traveling stress-free. Just fold up the playpen, put it in the carry bag, and off you go!

This product, made of 600D Oxford cloth, is durable and water resistant. All the seams and corners are reinforced to withstand the weight of your rabbits and, it has a washable mat that prevents watery messes from getting to the floor. This mat, as well as the removable mesh cover, can be removed and hand-washed.

Once set up, you will notice side storage pockets for your rabbit’s treats and water; a feature that should make traveling with your rabbit so much easier?

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5) Plastic Pet Playpen by IRIS USA, INC

Plastic Pet Playpen by IRIS USA, INC

This rabbit playpen is sturdy enough to be used outside on a warm, sunny day.

The plastic used to make it is durable and rustproof. This heavy-duty plastic makes the playpen robust enough to withstand the weight of your big rabbits and, will give them a thoroughly enjoyable 8 square feet of play space.

Each panel has several bars that are 1.5 inches wide as such; your rabbit will not be able to escape. The integrity of the whole structure is enhanced by full-length connecting rods that hold the panels together. The rubber pad on each panel protects your floor.

Are your rabbits are sick of being stuck in one place? Get them one of the many rabbit playpens available on Amazon and set it up in a different room, or outside the house. They will be over the moon.

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