Rabbit Toys

Rabbits are just like little children. They need entertainment. And, because chewing away at pellets and hay all day can get quite monotonous, you need to think up toy ideas. What kind of toys would be suitable for rabbits? Rabbit toys should provide your rabbit with a physical and mental challenge. The material used to make each toy should also be easy to clean and safe to chew. Amazon is a perfect destination for whatever rabbit toys you have in mind.

1) Bundora’s Box Rabbit Chew and Throw Toy by Napoleon BunnyParte

Bundora’s Box Rabbit Chew and Throw Toy by Napoleon BunnyParte

This delightful toy features a wooden ball, wood block, and delicious organic apple stick. This toy will give your rabbit hours of fun as he tries to tear it apart to get to the hidden treat.

The toy will help your rabbit develop his foraging instinct and will enjoy tearing away at the cardboard with his teeth. The smell of the hidden cranberry halves will keep him gnawing away for hours on end.

Your children will enjoy tossing this toy at their pet rabbit and watching him chase after it.

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2) Woven Grass Play Ball by Peters

Woven Grass Play Ball by Peters

This ball is one of those rabbit toys that your bunny will never get tired of. The natural grass used to make the ball is safe for your rabbit. The tightly woven strands of grass form a ball that your rabbit will find very hard to take apart. He will chew on it, roll it, stand on it and push it without showing signs of boredom.

This ball does not need cleaning. It is the perfect maintenance-free toy. You will have hours of fun tossing this 3.7-ounce ball to your bunny and, your rabbit will love the ball so much that you will need to have an extra one handy in case the original one gets lost.

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3) Small Animal Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy by Kaytee

Small Animal Nut Knot Nibbler Chew Toy by Kaytee

Nibble, nibble, then nibble some more! That is all your rabbit will do once you get him this toy.

This natural wood chew toy is a safe and healthy play item. It comprises of short pieces of wood attached to make tight knots. The pieces of wood come in different colors, similar to the color of your rabbit’s favorite vegetables. Note that the chemicals used to make the colors, are safe for your rabbit to consume.

After hours of chewing through this toy, your rabbit will get a surprise – a yummy almond nut! Once he gets to this nut, you will know that it is time to buy another chew toy. Do not worry about the cost; the hours of fun that your rabbit will get are worth every cent!

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4) Kennel-aire “A” Frame Bunny House

MoonCity Soil Test Kit

You can never go wrong with ball-shaped rabbit toys. This natural willow branch ball from Aglala is no exception.

You can hang this ball from the top of the rabbit cage, or throw it on the ground. The tightly woven will strands are almost impossible for your rabbit to unwind. Your rabbit will strengthen his muscles as he tries to hit the hanging ball.

Chewing on this ball is a healthy activity for your bunny, as Willow is perfect for cleaning and wearing down teeth. Your rabbit will find himself very busy chewing, nibbling and rolling this toy all day long.

When your rabbit finally gets to chew through this ball, he will find a tasty treat waiting for him.

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5) Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel by Prevue Hendryx

Nature’s Hideaway Grass Tunnel by Prevue Hendryx

Do bunnies like to hide away from time to time? Yes! They love to explore hidden nooks and crannies that smell like their grassy habitats.

Prevue Hendryx has a grass tunnel that resembles a rabbit burrow. It is hand-woven from natural couch grass. When your bunny is inside, all you will hear are burrowing and chewing sounds. The smell of the natural grass will make your rabbit feel like he is in the wild!

Place this toy in your living room, on the porch or in your backyard and, it will be hard to get your bunny out of there at bedtime!

Rabbit toys come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Safety, however, should be a primary consideration in your choice of a toy. You also need to pick one that fits your budget and will not cost you an arm and a leg to buy or replace.

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