Rabbit Water Bottles

Water is a crucial part of the diet of any living thing. It facilitates digestion and keeps all living things looking healthy. It is your duty to ensure that all living things in your care, your bunnies included, get a steady supply of clean water. If you use rabbit water bottles, please do ensure that the water remains clean. Amazon has an excellent collection of high-quality water bottles for your rabbit and, here are a few descriptions to get you going.

1) No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle by Choco Nose

No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle by Choco Nose

Buy this bottle and you will never see any pools of water in your rabbit’s hutch, thanks to the nozzle’s leak-proof design. The bottle comes with a bracket that you can nail to any wooden surface in your house and, you can have these water bottles everywhere around the house. To refill and clean the bottle, just snap it on or off. In case your original bottle cracks in the middle of the night and you cannot get a replacement, use a PET bottle instead. PET bottles fit perfectly onto the nozzle.

Do you have dozens of empty PET soda bottles lying around the house? If you do then you can get this water bottle from Choco Nose. Such a move will ensure that whenever you need to give your pets water, then you attach your pet soda bottles on this No Drip Rabbit Water Bottle and you are able to give your pet rabbits adequate amounts of water.

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2) Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits by Farm Innovators

Heated Water Bottle for Rabbits by Farm Innovators

Do you live in a place where you sometimes wake up and find your rabbit’s drinking water frozen? If so, this is the ideal water bottle for you.

This product by Farm Innovators is one of rabbit water bottles suitable for cold areas. It has a thermostat that automatically heats the water in the bottle once its temperature drops. Your rabbit will have a constant supply of water even when everything around is frozen. Note that the heating mechanism only powers on when the water needs heating. Your electricity consumption as such, will not change much.

This water bottle has a storage capacity of 32 ounces, which is enough to keep your rabbit hydrated for a day or two.

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3) BPA-Free Leak-proof Pet Water Bottle by FATPET®

BPA-Free Leak-proof Pet Water Bottle by FATPET®

If you are the kind of person who does not like to see any sort of mess on your floor then this bottle will work for you.

It has a 16-millimeter nozzle that is just the right size for your rabbit. The end of the nozzle has a roller ball similar to that of a ballpoint pen. This stainless steel roller ball prevents leakage and rusting.

Cleaning involves separating the bottle from the nozzle and washing thoroughly. After cleaning, refill the water container and snap the nozzle back on. The 300 ml container ensures that your rabbit does not get thirsty even when you are away from the house. The plastic material on this bottle is BPA-free and non-toxic, and is thus safe for your rabbit.

This bottle comes with handy screws that give you the flexibility of setting up your water point anywhere in the house.

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4) All Weather Rabbit Water Bottle by Lixit

All Weather Rabbit Water Bottle by Lixit

This is one of the most popular rabbit water bottles on Amazon. This bottle holds up to 64 ounces of water. Your rabbits as such, will have plenty of water to drink while you take that short trip to a nearby coast.

As the name suggests, the material used to make this bottle is weather resistant. The stainless steel tube is not susceptible to rust. In addition, the design of this bottle makes it very easy to keep clean.

This water bottle is suitable for most cages, as it fits firmly on their sides. It is completely leak-proof, so you do not have to worry about your bunnies getting wet feet.

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5) Large Rabbit Water Bottle by Ferplast

Large Rabbit Water Bottle by Ferplast

This versatile rabbit water bottle gives you options. You can stick it on the wall using suckers, or on the rabbit cage using the fastening system.

The water container is transparent, allowing you to see the actual water level. The removable lid of the bottle makes cleaning and refilling of the bottle a piece of cake. The rabbits drink the water through a stainless steel nozzle, which makes the entire unit both leak-proof and rustproof.

The unique design of this bottle helps you keep track of your bunny’s water consumption.

Rabbit water bottles come in many shapes and sizes. Make a choice depending on your budget but importantly, check that it has all the qualities on your list. Your bunny deserves the best.

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